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  • Our core competency is in the creation and patenting of new innovations in the foodservice equipment, with many of our innovations sold around the global generating multimillion-dollar revenue, often licensed or sold to multinational corporations or key partners. One-Shot® brand is a division of the One-Shot Corporation Limited, our UK based headquarters with UK based manufacturing, which works with our strategic international partners and overseas licensed manufacturing facilities in key global locations. From the UK we produce our flagship range of ice cream and frozen yogurt pod dispensers, which we ship internationally to key accounts and distributors, although due to market conditions we also work in partnership in key geographic locations.

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بستنی ساز - کافی شاپی، رستورانی

بستنی ساز - کافی شاپی، رستورانی

بستنی ساز - کافی شاپی، رستورانیاین بستنی ساز مناسب برای کافی شاپ ها، بستنی فروشی ها و رستوران ها است.مشخصات فنی: ظرفیت: تا 240 ظرف در ساعتتوان: 110-22..

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